Elven Magic Game
Made with Unity 3D!


Or will the spell book continue through time trapping children? Will the book find a way back to the Elven Worlds from Earth? Or will the spell be finally broken releasing those trapped and will they be released on Elven Lands or here on earth?

Now the Witch truly understands from her vision that the children taken by the book are from all ages of the Elven and human worlds as the book has been passed through time to continue in an endless cycle that this Witch must now break and restore balance to the universe once more.

Will you as the Witch, succeed in Elven Magic as many before her have failed?


This World is one of many large elementals and many centuries ago the portals were opened and due to the elementals immense power the early race of people that entered would misunderstand that they don’t mean to attack these mere mortals and are deeply hurt by the human/Elven peoples demise, because as they attack the elementals they disintegrate without a trace. This only adds to the elementals hurt, by the Human and Elven army’s in the past’s stupidity to attack first and ask questions later, and are destroyed instantly.


The Witch can now understand that what’s been happening to her is a cruel trick and the book’s power is not only putting the children into the book as the witch is able to visualise some of the children that entered her keepsakes store, but the spell book made them so powerful that no one can put them out of their deep endless misery. So she now knows she must.

The only way to reach the children is to unlock the power of the spell book and find a way to communicate with the children, now elementals of another world.


Many other children enter the odds and ends shop and are lost within the spell book. Eventually, the witch opens the spell book and because of her dabbling in magic and being the rightful person to read from the book as the spell book dictates.

This Witch doesn’t blow up. She can cast one of the spells from the book and must pick the spell to cast. The spell she chooses dictates that one with great power will unlock the portals to another world far from the Elven worlds and earth as well.