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Elven Magic Pro vs Elven Magic SE

I can now confirm that Elven Magic Pro Works with my new Terrain Assets and Elven Magic SE Doesn’t, it has a bug on both windows and mac in Elven Magic SE. The Terrain assets are although designed so they can be removed and the terrain still works to its maximum quality which doesn’t look anywhere near as good as Elven Magic Pro. EMSE builds continuously due to baking. The workaround on MAC was to remove all the new assets and just keep the terrain on the scene. Now trying to use the Water Asset to at least see if that works without the main Terrain Asset.

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The Water Works and Looks Good.

The Terrain scene looks good and works with water on it and it even reflects with graphics beyond that of most 3D games offer. It works on compile. Windows doesn’t accept the new plugins for 5.3 so i’ve reverted it back without the updates. It’s so far taken 3 days to build on mac which may indicate its not working. The errors don’t stop it from initially starting the build.

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Portals to New Map

I will generally have a scene and put in a portal to another new map provided there are no terrains on it, hopefully any scenes will be without a map initially so I can improve on it, the terrain will also generate water which worked fine in 5.6.4 and will so far work for 5.3 although I don’t have the water on it at this stage. It builds fine though.

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Version for Unity 5.6.4 Saves

Due to the robust inventory system this build also autosaves the inventory in each game and on all scenes. ATM Unity 5.3 which I upgraded from 5.1.1 doesnt a save feature. I thought  Iwould just say the newer version is a follow on from that and arrange the inventory at the start scene with all from the previous version.

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Old Version Building

My old Mac version of the game is building now and the first build from unity 5.3 is on the site Downloads called Elven Magic SE this one is in the Sahara Desert and has a portal, next step is to add things from the Blacksmiths Asset and hopefully get some scenes which will also make the build bigger. All effects are working with this version of the game. It does not have any targets at this stage which will be implemented in the next build.


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Portals Working

Portals are working on both versions of the game only on the higher version 5.6.4 it displays the picture of the area your going to and on the older version of unity it only displays a round portal unless it needs settings tweaks but i think this could be due to 5.3 not supporting the seemless veiw through the portal.

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The best course of action now is to work out why the pickups arn’t working with the new inventory system on a FPS scene, I think its because the player is too different from the scripts and I can’t use the player from the demo scene because if you go up stairs it causes faults even does that in the desert scene when you go over the Sahara like sand dunes it looks faulty because the player is scripted to stay flat.

The pickup system that works is on my older version which has all magic effects working and I’m keeping it because it can be another part of the game.

The new system is written in C# and the old pickup system on version 5.3 now is in JS which talks to the free inventory system with very little functionality built into it. The C# Inventory System has much better inventory system and it now works in my Diablo like scene.

I think if anything thats a fault in the Standard Assets scripts, I don’t really want to change any programming now because its building and is not a major concern to the functionality of building the game.

I mean does it really expect to be perfect when your using a engine like unity anyway, people have too high expectations you need to look at making a game now as being ‘good enough’ because lets face it guys its not the same kettle of fish as computer game companies making games and the industry will change its expectations for gamers and gaming forever.

I think there will be a day when oh theres a little graphical corruption but the game cost $10 to make and oh well who cares. No marketing company, no HR department. Yep thats right guys you will drop your expectations now. You will.

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Elven Magic RPG and Possible MMO

You must subscribe to unlock downloads. A Serial number is not required at this stage for Elven Magic Pro.

Elven Magic FPS Compatible with Win7 WinXP

Elven Magic PRO Compatible with most versions of Windows and MAC that works with Unity3D, You will have to try it.(WIN10 and MACOSX High Sierra)

Only NEW Downloads are shown on the site, you will have to log in to download older files.

Elven Magic FPS will now eventually become an RPG Game using the GameGuru Game Engine and is a MOD for the game and can be imported into GameGuru as levels or entities. There’s still work to be done in buidling the look of the levels which currently are dungeons and dont have a great look but now with the new system there is potential for caves and tunnels and also building up to the levels i have currently with different scripting involved compared to the FPSC game system. Currently there is no obvious export method in GameGuru so once there is extra functionality in the engine system i will be able to create extra downloads. The scripting and coding in the new GameGuru Engine is completely different so any updates may take some time.

Currently version 1.1 is available and this version and above will need a serial number. Version 1.0 and below are also available for download but its $8 a year and a subscription is required.

Version 1.2 Moving towards an RPG without GUNS. Moving away from FPSC and using engines such as GameGuru and Unity.

5.1.1 Unity has only got full spell effects working with 5.6.4 only with 3 effects all working which can be worked with because only the bar doesnt work not any effects so everything underneith works just the bar doesnt. Sort of like a car works but doesnt look that great, Pickups also works and enteres the inventory. 5.1.1 Has Dialog Working and 5.4.6 has AI working and a Hack’n’Slashlevel is working on both versions with attack not working on 5.1.1 and everything working for Hacknslash level on 5.6.4. 5.6.4 has a level or scene with water and coral. 5.1.1 has a desert scene with sahara sand dunes and effects for particles. Sandstorn. 5.6.4 & 5.1.1 has a tower scene and now looking at opening doors and the castle interior has that so can possibly make that work with tower. Pickups also is working to put last object picked up where character spawns from. Its total is approx 20gig now and compliles ok. It has herbs and you can pick up the herbs with 3d and 2d objects. the 2d in the inventory is just jpg files and they look the same now but i have alot of extra herbs hopefully there will be more assets for herbs. I mean there is about 20-30 herbs for now which pickup but currently move which is not ideal. Currently the game is at version 1.1 on my server which has the capabilty to provide downloads which are locked to a membership and price. This will help facilitate the downloads and rewards as the system is setup in cloud infastructure. The inventory is working very well on version 5.6.4 now and all of the items can be used it now has possible rare items and colour codes for items green blue and gold. the pickups are only bags which works well. and all of the 2d images can be assigned which i have many of as only jpg files are required for the item icons. The inventory is a inventory pro system and the older version 5.1.1 still uses the old inventory system with pickups, I think i will be able to use this and have two different parts for the games. There is room for crafting with the inventory system with that part done and you can have recipes in some sort of capacity.



5.1.1 unity has only got full spell effects working with 5.6.4 only with 3 effects all working which can be worked with because only the bar doesn’t work not any effects so everything underneith works just the bar doesn’t. Sort of like a car works but doesn’t look that great, Debugging it could be an issue. I want to try and get a wand to launch an effect currently there and it has the code you can add to when you pickup things e.g which you can make each item in the inventory trigger another part of the code but dont know if it will let me launch other code from there i think its possible but it hasn’t worked for other code e.g C# in Javascript to call a function. it launched this application.loadlevel(WindyWoods) which allows you to change the level ok by picking up a potion. Clicking it in the inventory works to wear the clothing and weapons currently. Added extra scenes in 5.6.4 with ocean and third person view ready to add scene vegetation and fish.

I’m now changed the 5.1.1 version to 5.3.0, With all effects working and the system for that part of the game is working better now with less compile errors. Still unable to build and may require further changes to make Unity build.