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ElvenMagic2 on Windows with Top-Down View Working

This Project is working well with the Windows Build, firstly I will explain why there is a windows build and a mac build, this is because not all assets work with each other, in this case the new ones that work in this project are the camera view and this doesnt work on my MAC unity because its version 5.3, and windows is 5.6.4, I will now use 5.6.4 for MAC and see if i can put that project on my MAC. The issue previously with the terrain assets is not working on windows and only works on MAC on the same version 5.3 for both, so they don’t always work on the same version on both platforms. I guess we should all just go out and buy a MAC now. Although you wouldn’t really know if you don’t have a MAC in the first place, or would you!

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