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The best course of action now is to work out why the pickups arn’t working with the new inventory system on a FPS scene, I think its because the player is too different from the scripts and I can’t use the player from the demo scene because if you go up stairs it causes faults even does that in the desert scene when you go over the Sahara like sand dunes it looks faulty because the player is scripted to stay flat.

The pickup system that works is on my older version which has all magic effects working and I’m keeping it because it can be another part of the game.

The new system is written in C# and the old pickup system on version 5.3 now is in JS which talks to the free inventory system with very little functionality built into it. The C# Inventory System has much better inventory system and it now works in my Diablo like scene.

I think if anything thats a fault in the Standard Assets scripts, I don’t really want to change any programming now because its building and is not a major concern to the functionality of building the game.

I mean does it really expect to be perfect when your using a engine like unity anyway, people have too high expectations you need to look at making a game now as being ‘good enough’ because lets face it guys its not the same kettle of fish as computer game companies making games and the industry will change its expectations for gamers and gaming forever.

I think there will be a day when oh theres a little graphical corruption but the game cost $10 to make and oh well who cares. No marketing company, no HR department. Yep thats right guys you will drop your expectations now. You will.

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