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Don’t waste time with MACOS unity using xcode

Don’t bother using this system since MAC introduced SANDBOXING it is not worth the effort, obviously you don’t need it in an iOS(which works but its not compatible with my game) app because there’s no executable to sandbox but I know that its just too hard.

I’m sticking with steam which is here:

This is really crap technology apple introduced and is not worth the effort…

Typical of apple to charge you first then give you nothing in return for a developer subscription, no wonder there a trillion dollar company, most of it’s ill gotten gains.

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New Version, Will only upgrade other builds when needed.

I will only upgrade to 2017.4 from 5.6.4 when needed and its absolutely required and at this stage i have no reason to. Will just test the current working build of Elven Magic Pro on 2017.4 because its not necessarily working for all features and will probably find some reason not to use it and to keep the previous version. Due to space will still only keep the newer files on the server.

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Metal Bar & Effects on bar.

I just added a metal bar to the skeleton of my mech animation, this is now working on all levels and is currently being uploaded to be a download, the bar effects will be implemented but this effect is a demonstration of what the full effects can do and will be part of the eventual crafting of enchanting. Currently the effect and bar are only connected to the mechanim and are not enabled or disabled with an inventory item. This could be achieved quite easily with one line of code though. I would expect.

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top-down assets

Now that the system is working well im looking to build more WOW style graphics within my scenes and build more content, so basically everything works including, attack system, inventory on 2 levels and effects like fire ball and ring of fire with effects bar working perfectly. Now only small insignifficant things don’t work like possibly experience is awarded but not on individual kills yet. The inventory is only working on certain items and the skill upgrades and crafting still needs alot of work. But… Since the game works and builds it is ok.

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Game now works well with top-down view

The Game Play itself is working well with Unity on my MAC and plays good  on version 5.6.4 on MAC the login is currently not working on MAC at all whereas it works fine on the Windows build although it needs a login now for Windows set up manually. This works well on Windows so I will leave it on that build. Elven Magic 2. On this version I will need a IP and MAC address so i can disable or block accounts. Pritty much everyone uses Windows for games anyway so i will only support Login on Windows for now. There is currently no chat system or messages at this time anyway.